Replacing the old Atwood Levelegs with a Bigfoot Leveling System

Replacing the old Atwood Levelegs with a Bigfoot Leveling System

You are having a bad day when you pull into an unlevel parking spot only to find one of the jacks on the RV has failed.  The bad day gets worst when you discover the $40 parts to repair the jacks do not exist anymore as the system is no longer supported by the manufacturer.  The bad day becomes bad months as you limp along until you can get the system replaces.

But when it is replaced, Hallelujah!  The sun shines upon you again.

This is our story.  The 2010 Newmar is factory installed with Atwood Levelegs jacks.  They are electric jacks with limited lift capabilities.  In our case two 7,500lb jacks in the front and two 10,000lb jacks in the rear.  The rear jacks routinely struggled to lift the rear on any grade.

Around 2012, Atwood sold the Levelegs system to Lippert.  Lippert soon discontinued the system.  In other words, no new spare parts.

Spur Gears for Atwood Levelegs leveling system

Our bad day began with a spur gear splitting.  Searching for a replacement gear set to no avail, I purchased a salvage 7,500lb jack for $700 just to break it down for the spur gears.  I figured I would use the remaining parts as spare parts for the next failure.  I quicked repaired the jack and we were back in business.

In theory.

Four stops later, the jack failed again.  This time, two spur gears cracked.

I started shopping around for a replacement system.  The system we settled on was the Bigfoot Leveling System for Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhomes.  The system cost us nearly $6,000 installed, but we were able to recoup nearly $4,000 by salvaging the Atwood Levelegs system as spare parts on eBay in less than two months.

The Bigfoot system is night and day in performance.  We now have two 12,000lb jacks in the front and two 17,000lb jacks in the rear.  We can lift the entire motorhome off the ground with muscle to spare!

The timing worked in our favor as well.  Bigfoot no longer offers this muscular system due to supply chain problems for hydraulic pumps.  Our system has a pump on each jack speeding up lift and retraction times.

We did need to detour all the way to Michigan from Florida to complete the installation.  No worries.  The allowed us to enjoy a wonderful month in Kentucky on the Bourbon Trail.

We love our Bigfoot Leveling System and recommend it to anyone who needs a leveling system replacement.  They even have leveling systems for travel trailers!

John Schroeder