FOR SALE: 2010 Newmar Ventana 3961 with 2018 Chevy Equinox

FOR SALE: 2010 Newmar Ventana 3961 with 2018 Chevy Equinox

The Planet Express Ship

Location: San Luis Obispo/Paso Robles. California

Time for us to settle down from full-time living and sell our RV, the Planet Express ship.  She is a wonderful motorhome best used for full-time travelers.  We are selling her with all the extras including an equipped tow vehicle, ebikes, supplies, and spare parts for when you need them on the road.

  • Motorhome price: $175,000 $154,900 for the motorhome and gear.  84,000 miles on the odometer
  • Car price: $35,000 for Equinox with brake assist and tow bar. 49,600 miles on the odometer.

The Basics

She is a 2010 Newmar Ventana 3961.  She is well-loved and the perfect size for our travels for the past few years.  Many of the perks include:

  • Being just under 40ft, she can get into most parks easily.
  • Being a 2010 model, she is the last year of motorhomes to not require a DEF tank
  • Fuels economy is fantastic.  We averaged around 9 mpg climbing the hills in the western United States while going over 10 mpg in the less hilly eastern United States.  The economy included our fully-loaded full-time travels and towing a car.
  • Single rear axle, so only six tires rather than ten tires to replace.  On the downside, were are near max rear-axle weight with 1/2 tank of water and our full-time cargo.
  • Hydronic heating system from PrecisionTemp for unlimited hot water and quiet heating.
  • A great floor plan!


We have another post going into detail about our remodel in 2019, but here is an abbreviated list.

Moved TV from over cab to across from the couch

The TV was originally sitting over the driver requiring viewers to turn their heads to the left to watch TV. We moved it across from the couch as Nature intended.

View from the Couch ... did we mention the desk space?

Replaced Sleeper Sofa with Dual Power Recliner

  • Do we care if anyone stays with us and needs a place to sleep? No.
  • Do we want an uber comfortable place to sit and watch TV? Yes.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Throughout RV

The coach originally had ceramic tile in the kitchen/salon and bathroom, but carpet in the bedroom. This configuration was to save weight as the RV only has one rear axel. We updated the RV with lighter luxury vinyl plank throughout for a better look.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Throughout RV

Splendide Washer/Dryer Combo Vented Drying System

I know some people would prefer a separate washer and dryer, but it was not possible on this RV. We installed a Splendide 2100XC combo unit and it quickly became a necessity for full-time travel. Being a combo unit, we often started a load when we would go to bed to wake up to a freshly completed load of laundry in the morning.

Upgraded Kitchen

Basic RV kitchens are just sad. We splurged and updated ours with the creature comforts of a $500,000 motorhome.

  • Quartz countertops
  • New backsplash
  • Induction cooktop (no propane)
  • Blanco sink
  • Touch faucet

Residential Refrigerator

We pulled out the older propane 3-way refrigerator and replaced it with an efficient Fisher Paykel RF170ADUSX4 31" ActiveSmart French Door Refrigerator. The backside vents are insulated and sealed to protect the back of the refrigerator and improve heating and cooling in the motorhome.

Custom Dining Space and Storage

The original booth dinette was small and uncomfortable. The storage under the seats was inefficient.

We had the whole thing ripped out in the remodel and went to Lowes to build a new set from scaffolding and premier lumber. The satisfying product is shown below. The table is a better use of space and storage than the old dinette ever could be.

One change ... we are taking the tabletop with us and replacing it with a new blank stained top to match the desk space.

We are keeping the round tabletop

Large Residential Shower

RV showers are too small. We wanted an epic home shower to go along with the unlimited hot water from the TwinTemp Jr boiler. A few inches on each side make a world of difference. It should as this upgrade cost us nearly $10,000.

Tile shower with Nebia shower head

Hughes Autoformer and Glendinning 50A Power Reel

A power reel is a great time saver during the frequent setups and teardowns of RV life. Glendinning power cables are also more flexible and lighter, making them easier to handle than traditional power cables.

Due to the unpredictable nature of power in some campgrounds, we also added a Hughes 50A Autoformer to our setup. In conditions of low voltage, the Autoformer will trade amps for volts, boosting low voltages (100v-105v) up to 10% back up to normal ranges (120v), protecting sensitive equipment on the RV.

The Autoformer also has a surge protector built-in. We have a spare surge protector module just in case it blows, and it has. This alone may save you money when the power grid is bad in your campground.

Magnum 3000W Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The original inverter was only 2000 watts and wired to only handle the microwave and outlets in the RV. With the upgrades to the refrigerator and induction cooktop, we needed more juice. The new Magnum MSH3012H has a load support mode. I can connect to a 15A shore power outlet and pull supplemental power from the batteries when needed. 

500AH of Renogy Lithium-Ion Batteries

Flooded batteries are so last century. Lithium-ion batteries are a perfect match for the electrical upgrades in the RV. With the new induction cooktop and residential refrigerator, a little extra stable power is needed. This battery bank easily covers 24 hours without running the generator. Because they are lithium-ion chemistry, they can recharge at a 100AH rate until full. Additionally, they will easily last 3,000+ cycles of continuous use. In other words, 10 years or more. You will replace the RV before the batteries.

500AH of Lithium-Ion Power

1000W of Solar Panels with Victron Charger and Battery Monitoring

On a sunny summer day in Oregon we pulled in over 400AH into our battery bank. This means we did not run the generator for four hours to recharge the batteries. Nothing like quiet power silently recharging the batteries rather than a noisy, diesel-powered generator.

1000 watts of beautiful solar panels

Two-Stage Water Filter

RVs come with only one water filter, if they come with a water filter at all. The shells are solid white so it is impossible to see the status of the filter.

We upgraded our filter system with two filters so we could use a 5-micron sediment filter for larger particulates and a second carbon filter to improve overall taste and quality.

The new system also has clear canisters so it is easy to see if the filter needs a premature replacement due to a bad water source. We have replaced the filters after one weekend at a particularly bad campground.

Two-Stage Water Filter with Clear Shells

Dish Tailgater Pro with Quick Release Roof Mount

What more do you need to know. This is a roof-mounted satellite dish, but you can move it around the roof in case you need to get a clear view of the sky.

4G WiFi Router with High Gain MIMO Antenna on Roof

Everyone needs the internet. We get ours through the GL.iNet X750 4G router with WiFi and a high gain roof-mounted MIMO antenna. We have used AT&T, T-Mobile and OTR Mobile SIMs flawlessly on this router.

LED Lighting Upgrade on All Indoor Lighting and LED Headlamps

This original lighting was the small 10 watt and 15 watt incandescent and halogen bulbs. All of them are replaced with efficient 1.5 watt LED bulbs. LED strip lighting is added as accent lighting in the salon/kitchen and bedroom.

Additionally, the headlamps are replaced with super bright, white LED headlamps from Sealight.


Two Fat Tire Ebikes with Bicycle Rack

The best invention since sliced bread is the ebike. Adding fat tires to get through sand and dirt is icing on the cake.

We are adding these two Lectric XP first-generation folding ebikes along with a Hollywood Fat Tire 2-bike rack.

Lectric XP 1.0 eBikes on the Oregon Coast

On The Go Portable Water Softener

Water is horrible hard in many remote campgrounds as they will often use well water. The portable water softener comes to the rescue in these locations. We use the On The Go OTG4-StdSoft-Portable 8,000 Grain RV Water Softener.

The system takes about 15 minutes to set up with a container of common table salt. Depending on the hardness of the water, we will recharge after 100 to 300 gallons of use.

Weber Q1200 Grill with Passenger Side Propane Tap

Get your outdoor grilling on with the Weber Q1200 propane grill. The propane tank is on the driver's side of the RV, so we added a tap on the passenger side to easily hook up the grill or outdoor fire pit without carrying around another tank.

Propane Fire Pit

When you are not cooking dinner on the Weber Grill, you can be sitting outside in front of an open flame with a Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit. There may be no crackle to the fire, but you can use it during a fire ban, and will not stink of smoke when you go to bed.

Roadmaster Nighthawk Towbar and Roadmaster Invisibrake Braking System

The Nighthawk non-binding tow bar is made from beautifully-styled aluminum and features embedded LED lights along each arm that illuminate with the RV's lights for increased safety. The Invisibrake sits underneath the storage in the back of the car taking up no valuable storage space.

We are a proficient Nascar pit crew and can hook up or disconnect in a matter of minutes with this gear. We will never, ever use another system or complicated tow dolly.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Premier with Diesel Engine

Yes, a diesel. She gets over 40 mpg on the highway. Our mixed driving pulls in around 36 mpg over the past 30,000 miles. We also added a tow hitch so you can add a bike rack or tow around a water tote to the dump station.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Premier with 1.6L Turbo Diesel

Miscellaneous Supplies and Parts

  • Extra propane regulator
  • Control board for Air Conditioner
  • Control switch for water heater
  • Miscellaneous other supplies such as flex paste, eterabond tape and a tire monitoring system for the RV and Car

John Schroeder